ECQ: Echoes of Eternity

ECQ: Echoes of Eternity was an impressive debut for Team Misplay. Four members – of the eight that registered – played well enough to reach the Top 64 and compete for a Worlds spot.

Early testing indicated Even Elysian presented the highest percent chance to qualify against the field. In particular, Piereese’s variant with Grodov’s Stranger and Maul tested well. This is the deck imsobad piloted to a 20-8 record.

There ended up being 26 Even Elysian decks that made the Top 64. Expect Evenhanded Golem to cost three next balance patch. It’s also a very interesting number if you listened to the latest Misplay podcast. (Haha Mark!)

Initially poised to play Reanimator – the same deck he won ECQ: Promises by Firelight with – colacoma ended up brewing a Combrei Mid-Range deck to target agressive decks like Even Elysian. The deck featured Alluring Qirin to shut off the Golem and take opponents off curve. gatosujo played the deck to a 20-8 while colacoma piloted it to 22-6.

colacoma gives “full credit to LocoPojo” for discovering the best shell for Qirin. colacoma was very happy with his deck choice “and would run Combrei again, but [he thinks] it was over-tuned against Evens” and would probably make some changes to make it better against the field.

chicityshogun put a lot of reps in on FJS Sacrifice in the leadup and also posted a 22-6 record for his 3rd-consecutive Top 64 finish. “While I’m still making plenty of misplays to maintain team branding,” chicityshogun says, “I’m also proud of my strategic and patient gameplay, but there’s still a gap between myself and my Eternal heroes: NotoriousGHP, LightsOutAce, camat0, and Paradox.”

“The whole thing was a great experience,” chicityshogun said, “and was enhanced tremendously by being able to share it with my awesome teammates.” His spirits weren’t even dampened when LSV called him “chickety shogun.” He loved it.

Three of the four (chicityshogun, gatosujo, and imsobad) won their first round matches and moved on to the Top 32. Unfortunately, we did not advance to the Top 16. Congratulations to those that did and to twanbon for taking down ECQ: Echoes of Eternity and securing a Worlds spot playing Combrei Aggro.

The remainder of the team who finished their games posted a 60% win rate, but shy of the 67% needed to make Stage 2. Additional shoutout to soapyelo who made himself available to help others test and put a lot of work into Even Elysian.

More than anything I think we all just wanted that crazed Teething Whelp alt art.