Eternal Journey Hosts Successful Charity Tournament

Eternal Journey hosted a peasant tournament last week raising nearly $5,000 for Child’s Play, a charity that aims to improve the lives of children through play. The money raised included a $2,450 matching donation by Dire Wolf Digital.

Over forty players registered for the free tournament, which included prize support for the Top 4, a team prize, and an additional $150 donation from community All-Star Kasendrith for the three “most creative” decks as voted on by Twitch chat.

After six swiss rounds, these were your Top 8 competitors:

  1. TempestDragonKing
  2. theovermaster
  3. CaptainTeembro
  4. DrPringles
  5. Piereese
  6. TheBryanStage
  7. noverb
  8. iplongno

Team Misplay had Piereese to root for in the Top 8 (for all of about two minutes). He came out of his quarter-final match with DrPringles saying “it wasn’t even close”, so fast in fact that the commentators quickly forgot who the 8th person in the Top 8 was. It was also DrPringles who would go on to win back-to-back Eternal Journey peasant tournaments with their blazing fast Mono Fire deck.

Congrats to Team Rankstar who posted the best team results. The most creative decks were awarded to Watchwolf92, gatosujo, and TempestDragonKing. Watchwolf92’s deck consisted of only cards that began with letters in “Child’s Play” and whose Market spelled “Child”.

Watchwolf92’s Child’s Play inspired deck and Market.

The pièce de résistance was how smoothly and well-run the tournament was. “There’s no way this happens without the entire team pitching in,” Jedi said. DubMic and Kal_Shadowstep managed Battlefly, celtic7guardian ran giveaways in Twitch chat, and Sakarnen helped set up the feature matches and deck techs.

And of course, the entire tournament was streamed by Jedi who casted alongside SirRhino. A legacy member of the community, SirRhino’s Eternal commentary is second to none.

As an observer, I was impressed with the quality of the stream. How about Punsforall deck techs between rounds? A hole cam to see both hands. Jedi was literally juggling fire during one of the intermissions. You can watch the entire VOD on Jedi’s Twitch channel.

Punsforall breaking it down!

For those interested in the tournament meta, there was definitely a strong relic theme. They mostly centered on abusing Waystone Gate and Bottle Storm. TempestDragonKing’s (6-0) Elysian deck made clever use of Unstable Form to great advantage in their “most creative” deck. Xenan Lifeforce was another strong archetype piloted by theovermaster and noverb among others.

Piereese played an FTS Sac list that utilized Madness and Defile to steal cards and reanimate. iplongno played a Combrei Aggro deck with reliable fast spells and stocky units. Ultimately, it was two Mono Fire decks in the final between CamptainTeembro and DrPringles. Jedi and SirRhino half-heartedly joked that if a technical issue arose in the stream the finals would be over before it could be resolved. There were some notable differences between the decks but Touch of Force was likely the biggest difference maker propelling DrPringles to back-to-back victories in the format.

Jedi would like to thank the hundreds contributors and viewers on stream who made the tournament a special success. “The community response has been so overwhelming that we will 100% be running another tournament in the future,” Jedi said. Expect to see something again in several months.

Special thanks to Piereese who helped write this article.