Misplay Trades Piereese in Blockbuster Deal

SAN FRANCISCO — Piereese is moving to a new discord and team that is willing to meet his salary demands.

The three-time ECQ qualifier — and one of The Misplay’s best deck builders — was traded Thursday afternoon to Team Eternal Journey in exchange for darth_herman2, a conditional 1st round pick in 2022, and a 3rd round pick in 2023.

“We’re thrilled to add a player of his caliber,” Eternal Journey president Jedi said, “especially with an Expedition qualifier looming.”

The cash-strapped Misplay who have struggled to acquire new Patrons in Q1 hope this will leave enough cap space to re-sign Eternal megastar colacoma who will become a free agent at the end of this season. “It’s a numbers thing,” Misplay co-founder parmele told reporters on Thursday, “I wish there was a world where we could keep both but you have to make hard choices in this game.”

Dealing Piereese is a shocking move considering nobody even knows if this is legal. “I’ve never heard of a player being traded at this level,” said Friends of Eternal founder Sunyveil, who said he was in tears when he heard about the deal. “This puts Red Rhombuses in win now mode,” Sunyveil said, “trading a starter for a specialist who’s only going to play in a third of the matches is going to make their fan base lose confidence in the team.”

For Team Eternal Journey, landing Piereese is a big win and another tactical move in a series by Eternal Journey to make frostwaves in the Eternal competitive scene. Piereese should make an immediate impact for a team that suffered a devastating loss in the FETL last week to TBC’s developmental team.

The Misplay also stands to benefit from darth_herman2’s draft experience. A co-co-host of the Eternal Journey podcast, darth_herman2 — not to be confused with darth_herman or darth_herman1, both likely excellent players in their own right  — brings a draft perspective The Misplay has been lacking. “I’m excited,” darth_herman2 said, “maybe they’ll even let me on their podcast.”

Piereese was noncommittal about whether he would re-sign with Team Eternal Journey when he hits free agency at the end of the season but added that he was “confused” and “[he’ll] probably just play even more LoR now that Fiora, TF, and Aphelios were nerfed.”