Studying the Tape

Well, look who wandered in… Hello and welcome to The Misplay! This is the next installment of the article series that accompanies act two of the podcast. On our last show, we discussed how to use spectating to get better at Eternal. We covered the different ways you can spectate and what kinds of questions […]

Molto Vivace

Well, look who wandered in… Hello and welcome to The Misplay! This the start of a new article series that will accompany act two of the podcast. This year we plan to expand our website content and to supplement the podcast. On the show we try to entertain, and provide food for thought about learning […]

Misplays I’m About to Make: Empire of Glass

Hello and welcome to The Misplay, where we evaluate cards based on how badly we are going to play them. My name is Mark and I’m joined by some of the new cards in Eternal’s upcoming expansion, Empire of Glass. In today’s article, I will be breaking down misplays that future Mark is probably going […]

The Great Kudzu

Vegans and vegetarians beware. Gone are the days when fruits and veggies don’t bite back. A new mandrake is coming to Myria. It’s big, it’s bad, it’s got a lot of teeth, it gives you a Torch’s worth of life when you draw it, and its first three friends join the party for free…eventually. Hello […]

Git Gud

I’m an elementary school teacher and I teach capoeira on the weekends. Thinking about learning and growth is both near and dear to my heart and perpetually on my mind. On this episode of The Misplay we literally went back to school for Act Two. I would be willing to bet that anyone who gets […]

Helpful Doorbot: The Untold Story

This is the story of one Grenadin’s fall from grace. As a warning to our readers, this story contains graphic images, incidents of nerfing, a broken heart, and is, of course, largely untrue. The picture you have in your mind of Helpful Doorbot is, as he is today, a sullen, legless Grenadin worn down by […]

Misplays I’m About to Make

Hello and welcome to The Misplay set review for all things constructed and limited in 16,000 words… I’m just kidding, that’s not why you came here. Today, I’ll be taking a look at some of the spoilers from Argent Depths and making a very on brand type of prediction: Misplays I’ll be making with these […]

Ijin, Walking Armory

Behold! Ijin, Walking Armory. Oni Attacker Man’s great-great aunt. The Misplay courtesy of our teammate and Patron, Deedub, present the newest Eternal spoiler: Ijin, Walking Armory. I asked Team Misplay to share their thoughts on Ijin, Walking Armory: LocoPojo This is a solidly built red drop that transitions Rakano into the mid-game. It shores up […]

Eternal Journey Hosts Successful Charity Tournament

Eternal Journey hosted a peasant tournament last week raising nearly $5,000 for Child’s Play, a charity that aims to improve the lives of children through play. The money raised included a $2,450 matching donation by Dire Wolf Digital. Over forty players registered for the free tournament, which included prize support for the Top 4, a […]

Bringing Reanimator Back from the Dead

I love reanimator. Reanimator is sending me to Worlds this year and has gotten me to at least Stage 2 of every event I have played with it this season. Although the change to singleton Markets has diminished the deck’s consistency, I still think that it can power through metas when it’s not expected. While […]