Spring Challenge – Throne

We should start by thanking TheBoxer for shaking up the Spring Challenge – Throne meta last minute and presenting us with a disgusting Even Vox brew. As a team, we took a mix of decks to get a feel for the upcoming ECQ. Myself and a few others brought Skycrag Control (Spellcrag) while others played […]

Winners and Losers from Whispers of the Throne

Whispers of the Throne has finally released, injecting a batch of new cards into Throne and Expedition. History shows us that campaigns (and mini-campaigns) tend to dramatically shake up formats; in the Tales of Horus Traver, big bad Tavrod crashed the party and stomped all over his competition. Although he was never nerfed, Tavrod’s presence […]

Doc28’s Pauper Primer

Pauper is back! It’s been a while since we’ve had an Eternal pauper event, and I for one am super excited to see how the format has changed with the release of Echoes of Eternity. To help instigate this format exploration process, I’ve comprised a batch of decklists that highlight the strategies you’ll need to […]

ECQ: Aftershock

ECQ: Aftershock was another big success for Team Misplay. A staggering 80% of the playing-group (8 of 10) made the Top 64. We expected the three dominate decks going in to be Dragons, Strangers, and Unseen. The majority of the team played one of the three while sopayelo, chicityshogun, and gatosujo were on FTS Sacrifice. […]

ECQ: Echoes of Eternity

ECQ: Echoes of Eternity was an impressive debut for Team Misplay. Four members – of the eight that registered – played well enough to reach the Top 64 and compete for a Worlds spot. Early testing indicated Even Elysian presented the highest percent chance to qualify against the field. In particular, Piereese’s variant with Grodov’s […]

Giving Hunter%

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” This was the cheer Hunter Pence popularized when he was with the San Francisco Giants and perfectly encapsulates how Mark and I felt this week when we had Hunter Pence on our podcast. This is the behind the scenes story of how that happened. Hopefully you’ve listened already. “Shoot for the moon. […]

Shavka’s Lute

Behold! The Lute of Shavka. The instrument Endra used to vanquish their foes and banish Lord Combrei and his army to the Void of Eternity. And Mark says I’m not a lore guy. The Misplay courtesy of our friend and Patron, yistout, present the newest Eternal spoiler: Shavka’s Lute. I asked Team Misplay to share […]

Welcome to The Misplay

“Hello and welcome to The Misplay,” as I have so often said. Before going any further, we need to thank our Patrons who helped us get this far. The monetary support is helpful and covers our web hosting but the “belief in what we’re doing” support that drives many of you to donate is invaluable. […]