Giving Hunter%

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” This was the cheer Hunter Pence popularized when he was with the San Francisco Giants and perfectly encapsulates how Mark and I felt this week when we had Hunter Pence on our podcast. This is the behind the scenes story of how that happened. Hopefully you’ve listened already. “Shoot for the moon. […]

Shavka’s Lute

Behold! The Lute of Shavka. The instrument Endra used to vanquish their foes and banish Lord Combrei and his army to the Void of Eternity. And Mark says I’m not a lore guy. The Misplay courtesy of our friend and Patron, yistout, present the newest Eternal spoiler: Shavka’s Lute. I asked Team Misplay to share […]

Welcome to The Misplay

“Hello and welcome to The Misplay,” as I have so often said. Before going any further, we need to thank our Patrons who helped us get this far. The monetary support is helpful and covers our web hosting but the “belief in what we’re doing” support that drives many of you to donate is invaluable. […]