The Misplay Meta
Week of 2/18/21

Welcome to The Misplay Meta. As part of our internal tracking, The Misplay collects data on what we see while playing the ranked ladders. We share that data every Friday in this article series.

This is not a tier list. Think of it more as frequency. We’re sharing the archetypes we see and providing links to similar deck lists from Eternal Warcry. For clarity, we limit our charts to the most-seen decks, then we combine and list the remaining decks as “Other”. The frequency limit may fluctuate from week to week based on the number of games we record, but rest assured that we are trying to present the data as accurately as possible.

This report uses our team’s naming conventions: [Faction] [Defining Characteristic]. There are other naming conventions in the Eternal community, but we hope this version will be clear, consistent, and supportive of a wide range of players, from the least fluent to the unnecessarily fluent in Eternal jargon.


274 games tracked

Creation Sentinels 13.9%
Tradition Soldiers 7.7%
Mono F 6.9%
Xenan Mid 6.6%
Hooru Soldiers 6.2%
Ambition Valks 5.1%
Argenport Valks 4.7%
Argenport Mid 4.4%
Vision Control 4.0%
Knowledge Control 3.6%


170 games tracked

Xenan Reanimator 12.4%
Hooru Kira 7.6%
Even Xenan 5.9%
Skycrag Yetis 5.9%
Feln Mill 5.3%
Skycrag Sling 5.3%
Stonescar Mid 5.3%
Feln Mid 4.7%
Stonescar Aggro 4.1%
Mono F 3.5%

Thank you to the entire Misplay team and community contributors for their time, effort, and dedication to this project.