A Few Good Stories ft. Gage902

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Nate and Mark are joined by ECQ winner and future worlds competitor Gage902. They’ll profile Gage and everyone will share their ECQ stories. Jason makes a surprise appearance to talk about lore. Mark takes the low road and blames Nate for his misplay of the week. The trio talk about Gage’s ECQ winning list and the lessons it can teach you about diversifying your deck’s game plan.

You Can Read Minds?

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Nate and Mark debut “Own It or Stone It” a user’s guide to which cards are safe to get rid of to make room for all the shiny Legendaries in the new set. They’ll break down the Top 8 of Moniker Madness and share the Best Username in Eternal. ECQ Dead or Alive is just around the corner, Mark challenges Nate to an ECQ bet to see if he can level up for his next showdown with Jason and Nate shares a misplay. Finally, Nate and Mark discuss strategies for reading your opponent’s mind.

Into the Depths ft. Soapyelo

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On this week’s episode, Nate aka Soapyelo joins Mark as a guest co-host. Nate shares his player profile and together they dive into the deep end of Argent Depths with their first impressions and thoughts on the new set. Nate and Mark talk about how to slow things down and avoid playing on auto pilot less often.

Calebovitsch’s interview with Andrew Baeckstrom:

Playing From Behind

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Mark and Jason recap the successful charity tournament put on this past week by Eternal Journey. Dire Wolf announced a new set: Argent Depths. They haven’t however given us any details about the next ECQ. Jason makes a case that the estimated wait time feature is a terrible predictor of when a game will launch. They round out the episode talking about the mindset and awareness you need to play from behind. Join the Discord to vote in our Moniker Madness tournament to find the best names in Eternal.

Sunyside Up ft. Sunyveil

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The Misplay welcomes return guest Sunyveil. The trio recaps ECQ: Shadows of the Spire and the Spring Quarterly Championship. Suny smashes his way through a new edition of Name That Card. Later they take a stab at thinking through how to allocate the wild card invites for Worlds and discuss how to grow Eternal as an eSport. The show closes with a reminder about the upcoming charity tournament hosted by Eternal Journey.

Kasendrith’s post:

The Eternal Journey Charity Tournament:

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

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Mark and Jason hold a memorial for Even Handed Golem and the fallen Jekknation cards, complete with a song from Sarah McLaughlin ft. T-Pain. Mark sets himself up to lose another bet and Jason steals a game from Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me. Mark guides a discussion on redraws using example hands from Spellcrag and Stonescar decks.

Not That Ryan ft. Rexulus

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Jason and Mark are joined by ECQ Top 8 competitor Rexulus. They’ll get to know Ryan, play some Name That Card, trade ECQ stories, and share some misplays. Act two is an ECQ retrospective that continues the dialogue of making pursuing the more competitive side of the game sustainable while still pursuing competitive goals within our means and capacity.

The podcast Rexulus mentions can be found here:

The Deck Not Chosen ft. Watchwolf92

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The Misplay is joined by the articulate Jonathan Sukenik who shares his new player experience and early success so far with Eternal. Jonathan explains how he’s grinding and building his collection to play competitively. They all discuss what goes into their decision-making process when selecting a deck for a tournament.

Be Aggressive Be Be Aggressive ft. Deedub

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Jason and Mark are joined by resident aggro aficionado, Deedub. They’ll recap some Eternal news, ECQ Aftershock and another bet Jason took down, a short humble brag and some misplays before jumping into an insightful discussion on aggressive strategies courtesy of Deedub.

Farming Eternal

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We are a draft focused Eternal podcast for farmers by farmers. We get into the nitty-gritty of the drafting process with a little meta analysis thrown in. Parmele and AlwaysInSandles discuss how their draft week went, Card of the Week, 0-win deck list breakdown, and walk through a mock draft. The main topic this week is Dire Wolf Digital’s recent announcement to remove the Draft mode from the game.