Streaming 101 ft. marvin_the_imp

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Meet community all-star marvin_the_imp and get tips on starting your own stream. We get marvin’s player profile and discover something very presidential about him. We draft the best Time cards in Eternal. Vote for the winner in our Discord. History repeats itself in the Misplays of the Week. In act two, we talk about why we stream on Twitch and share tips on software, equipment, a good streaming mentality, and more.

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C-C-C-Combo Breaker

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Find out how happy Mark is after this most recent balance patch. We discuss the nerfs, the upcoming mini set, and Telemokos’ Team Showcase. Inspired by aReNGee’s Reddit post, we draft Eternal’s best Fire cards of all time. Vote for the winner in Discord.  We argue about the rope timer in Mark and Nate Can’t Possibly Disagree and share a fresh batch of Misplays of the Week. In act two, we break down Overloader Amplify combo and some options for how to attack the deck.

See pensfan62’s list on Eternal Warcry for reference:

You’re Not Spectating Enough ft. imsobad

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Are you spectating enough? Probably not. Meet imsobad and find out how where his epic username comes from and whether he’s sobad at Name That Card. We discuss this week’s Misplay meta report and how our internal tracking process works. Jason has an Equalize story he can’t let go of in the Misplays of the Week. In act two, we extol the benefits of spectating games and how to use it as a tool to up your game.

Meta Vivace

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Jason, Nate, and Mark  introduce  The Misplay’s newest content venture, “The Misplay Meta.”  They also touch on the state of competitive Eternal including the non update from DWD and recognizing the contributions of community’s tournament organizers. They’ll break down the balance patch, share some misplays of the week and crush Mark in a round of Jason and Nate Can’t Possibly Disagree. Finally, Nate, Jason and Mark break down and discuss the applications of tempo in Eternal.

Happily Ever Aftermath:

2nd Annual Community Survey

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The results are in, amigo! What’s left to ponder? Nate, Mark, and Jason go over the Eternal survey results.

Results can be found here:

That New Set Smell

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Jason, Nate, and Mark talk Empire of Glass previews and release in true misplay style. They cover the promotions for release, cards that stood out for better or worse, and Mark challenges Nate to a head to head Nate Can’t Possibly Disagree for Jason’s decisive vote. Jason gives a free to play update and Nate brings back Own It Or Stone for its second installment. They also discuss the Tuesday Night Eternal series and share their misplays of the week. In act two the trio discuss inevitability in Eternal. They cover what contributes to it, how to maintain it, and how to disrupt it.

Worlds ft. colacoma

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Top 16 Worlds competitor, Team Misplay member, and high-frequency impostor, colacoma joins the show to talk about Eternal. Nate, Mark, Jason, and colacoma share their highlights and lowlights for the competitive season that was 2020. In the spirit of the holidays, they also make a wish list for the next year and colacoma plays a Worlds edition of Name That Card. Then dive deeper into colacoma’s Worlds prep and find out why you’re not spectating enough games. Oh, and Mark and Jason own up to a bet and make no friends along the way.

What In the Worlds

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Jason, Nate, and Mark give their version of a set review for Bastion Rising. Later they give a Eternal 2020 Worlds preview. Mark is the salty one this week and has got something to say about it. Jason and Mark share possibly their most subtle misplays ever. The trio talks about mirror matches and break down the Throne Hooru Kira mirror and the Jennev Sling mirror. Make sure to sign up for the Tuesday Night Eternal tournament series coming up this winter.

Live and Learn

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Mark and Jason did not qualify for Worlds, but hey, some other cool people did. They explain what went wrong with their LCQ runs before having some special guests on to fantasy draft the 24 Worlds competitors.  Mark and Jason discuss the new mini-set Bastion Rising and reboot Jason Can’t Possibly Disagree. Kenny Rogers makes a special experience to teach you when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

Artistic License

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Join Nate, Jason, and Mark for coverage of some major Eternal news revolving around the game’s four year anniversary including a discussion of the new post balance patch meta. The trio hosts a poetry slam celebrating the participants in The Misplay Haiku Contest and introduces a brand new segment about Eternal’s lore. It’s definitely cannon. The team shares some strategies for adapting and adjusting based on which variant of a list an opponent is on.