Calling Our Shots

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We talk about the latest round of balance patches on the eve of the Revelations $5k Throne Open. Mark predicts the tournament meta almost exactly and Jason, well, makes an eerie prediction. More on that in the next show! Mark thinks the Diabolic Machinations nerf was a step too far in Jason Can’t Possibly Disagree. We draft the best weapons in Eternal with Patron supermaus and share our misplays of the week. In act two, we bring Pretendo Draft back and play a game against each other.

Not So Stealthy

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We give you our first impressions of the new set, Revelations. We go over the most recent Tuesday Night Eternal (TNE) results, go toe to toe in a Mark Can’t Possibly Disagree, and draft the most tilting cards in Eternal, including Nate’s mailed in picks. In act two, Mark resells Jason on playing Eternal by breaking down the numbers and dispelling the illusions around stealth units.

Worst Cards in Eternal

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We’re back for our second live show drafting the worst cards in Eternal. Jason settles his bet with colacoma and eagerly awaits his boba from Mark. Jason rants a little about the recent bugs in the game, Elyvi joins the draft from Twitch chat, we shares a Revelations spoiler. We share our Misplays of the Week and a user submitted sponsor bit. In act two, Mark and Nate talk about their process for evaluating new cards.

Rough Drafts

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We discuss our individual and team prep for the upcoming Empire of Glass Draft Open. The Bet returns with another serving of boba on the line and there’s one more trip to the all time archive as the trio drafts the best Multi-faction cards. Jason calls his shot at the end of the draft and everyone shares one of their misplays from the past week. In act two, they talk about the in-game decisions and strategies of playing at a power disadvantage and how the keep the mental game strong when starving for power in high stakes games.

We’ll Do It Live!

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With the help of our amazing Patrons, we recorded our very first live show on Twitch. We talk about our prep for the Stormbreak Expedition Open and Jason gets colacoma on the phone to bet that Overloader combo will be nerfed. We play Name That Card with Twitch chat. We draft the best Shadow cards in Eternal, Jason and Nate try to keep Mark from winning At Any Cost and Exploit his weaknesses. In act two, Mark takes us to school to help us sequence our influence and hunt for lethal.

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The Little Chicken That Could

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We celebrate the start of the new competitive season with a recap of the Stormbreak Open. Mark brings a birthday inspired Jason and Nate Can’t Possibly Disagree. We continue delving into the all-time archive and draft the best Primal cards in Eternal. Jason shares one of Mark’s really embarrassing misplays during the Misplays of the Week. In act two, the trio gives a glimpse into Team Misplay’s testing process that brewed up the “Xenhen Reanimator” deck that Colacoma piloted to the top four of the Stormbreak Open. They tell the deck’s origin story and track the deck’s evolution across a few different iterations. The lists discussed can be found at these Eternal Warcry links:

Even Xenan

Piereese Xenhen

Tuning Removal

Final List

Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Us

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We play catch-up on the organized play announcement and new mini-set information. Was this set released too closely to the first Open? Jason sure thinks so in Mark and Nate Can’t Possibly Disagree. We continue our on going draft series with the best Justice cards in Eternal. In act two, we highlight two misplays you’re probably making right this second. We’re so glad you listened just in the nick of time. Nate of time? Nate of Justice?

Behind the Scenes of TNE Part 2

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We continue our behind the scenes look at the TNE series with player interviews. Meet stormguard798 and members of WSG (We Stream Games) including, Ron, Prackalakin, Spiffirriffic, and Serus. Jason sneaks in the results of The Misplay Short’s draft. Nate gives an excellent analysis of how the two teams were able to fight and win against the Thrones perceived big bad, Hooru Kira. The show closes with an exciting, Last Word with some big news.

Behind the Scenes of TNE Part 1

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We go behind the scenes of the Tuesday Night Eternal series with Telemokos and SRFS. Find out what goes into running Tuesday Night Eternal. Nate followed coverage all day and gives a summary and context to audio from the Tuesday Night Invitational broadcast. Tune in next week to hear Mark’s interview with the players in Part 2.

Streaming 101 ft. marvin_the_imp

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Meet community all-star marvin_the_imp and get tips on starting your own stream. We get marvin’s player profile and discover something very presidential about him. We draft the best Time cards in Eternal. Vote for the winner in our Discord. History repeats itself in the Misplays of the Week. In act two, we talk about why we stream on Twitch and share tips on software, equipment, a good streaming mentality, and more.

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