Sunyside Up ft. Sunyveil

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The Misplay welcomes return guest Sunyveil. The trio recaps ECQ: Shadows of the Spire and the Spring Quarterly Championship. Suny smashes his way through a new edition of Name That Card. Later they take a stab at thinking through how to allocate the wild card invites for Worlds and discuss how to grow Eternal as an eSport. The show closes with a reminder about the upcoming charity tournament hosted by Eternal Journey.

Kasendrith’s post:

The Eternal Journey Charity Tournament:

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

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Mark and Jason hold a memorial for Even Handed Golem and the fallen Jekknation cards, complete with a song from Sarah McLaughlin ft. T-Pain. Mark sets himself up to lose another bet and Jason steals a game from Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me. Mark guides a discussion on redraws using example hands from Spellcrag and Stonescar decks.

Not That Ryan ft. Rexulus

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Jason and Mark are joined by ECQ Top 8 competitor Rexulus. They’ll get to know Ryan, play some Name That Card, trade ECQ stories, and share some misplays. Act two is an ECQ retrospective that continues the dialogue of making pursuing the more competitive side of the game sustainable while still pursuing competitive goals within our means and capacity.

The podcast Rexulus mentions can be found here:

The Deck Not Chosen ft. Watchwolf92

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The Misplay is joined by the articulate Jonathan Sukenik who shares his new player experience and early success so far with Eternal. Jonathan explains how he’s grinding and building his collection to play competitively. They all discuss what goes into their decision-making process when selecting a deck for a tournament.

Be Aggressive Be Be Aggressive ft. Deedub

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Jason and Mark are joined by resident aggro aficionado, Deedub. They’ll recap some Eternal news, ECQ Aftershock and another bet Jason took down, a short humble brag and some misplays before jumping into an insightful discussion on aggressive strategies courtesy of Deedub.

Farming Eternal

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We are a draft focused Eternal podcast for farmers by farmers. We get into the nitty-gritty of the drafting process with a little meta analysis thrown in. Parmele and AlwaysInSandles discuss how their draft week went, Card of the Week, 0-win deck list breakdown, and walk through a mock draft. The main topic this week is Dire Wolf Digital’s recent announcement to remove the Draft mode from the game.

Magnificent Deals

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Mark and Jason make predictions on the eve of another ECQ. Of course, every ECQ brings a new bet and Jason doubles down on Elysian Fliers being a bad deck to play. Mark flips the script and proposes a Jason Can’t Possibly Disagree about cost reduction cards. Find out how Ageworn Vestige got the best of both Mark and Jason this week. They circle back to cost reduction in the second half to talk about how you can build using it to your advantage.

Recap Remix

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Jason and Mark recap the highlights, lowlights, and misplays of the past couple of weeks. They tell stories from the one year anniversary stream and Mark’s Top 32 run in the latest ECQ. They settle the bet and play a few rounds of Would You Rather that catch Jason off guard. In act two, The Misplay grabs their tuning forks and takes FTS Sacrifice in Expedition for a tune up. Check out the Eternal Warcry links to the starting deck and tuned version from the show below:

Starting Decklist:


Eternal A La Mode

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Mark and Jason discuss some cards that are making an immediate impact from the new set: Echoes of Eternity. Find out who won the Battle of the Bands. Mark feeling like he’s on a roll gets a little overzealous on the next ECQ bet. Jason shares an epic misplay and is taught some humility by a fellow streamer. Jedi submits a new misplay but it may actually be more a #humblebrag than anything else. Mark teaches us about the different modes cards can have and how to best evaluate your choices.

Giving Hunter% ft. Hunter Pence

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Future Magic the Gathering Hall of Famer and World Series champion, Hunter Pence joins The Misplay! We ask Hunter about his history with gaming, board games, Magic the Gathering, and we have an opportunity to pitch Eternal to him. Hunter shares his Magic misplays and we play a game called “Jason or Hunter”. Dire Wolf Digital hooks Hunter up with a sweet gift! We also give a new player orientation if you’re taking your first look at Eternal and end the show with a draft of Eternal cards that make the best band name names.