Haters Gonna Hate

Mark and Jason are packing a lot of hate in this week’s episode. They introduce and launch a big community survey initiative. They play a remix version of Name That Card, debate in game currency and Jason believes Dire Wolf needs to credit the community for spoiler contributions. Hate your opponents strategy? Good. They theory craft about how to build and play with hate cards.

Spoiler Alert

In true misplay fashion, Jason and Mark managed to luck their way into a spoiler for the upcoming set: The Flame of Xulta. They go over the spoiler card gifted to them by a dedicated and generous listener, talk Twitter milestones, the recent Expedition tournament, and discuss how to compare comparable cards in a meaningful and productive way.

Classic Misplay

Jason is still salty about the lack of organized play and can’t get excited about all the new Dire Wolf Digital news. New set? Who cares! Chronicles of Thrones arrived finally! Who cares! Spoiler season! Who cares! Get on the WoW Classic hype train. New segment this week called #Humblebrag. Mark refuses to pay Jason the bounty he rightly earned. Mark launches a netdecking case study on “All In Moment” decks.

Be Yourself ft. Mattyocre

Mark and Jason interview Twitch streamer Mattyocre and learn how he started playing Eternal. We get some advice on how to grow our own Twitch channel, although Jason truly believes there are only bots on Twitch. The Misplay starts its own Bounty Program. Beat Mark or Jason in-game and you will receive one Legendary or Rare Eternal loot code to redeem. Valid while supplies last. Available in all areas. No purchase necessary to win.

Mike Goes to Gen Con

Mike C. interviews Dire Wolf Digital Marketing Director Matt Hudson live at #GenCon. Oh yeah, Mark is back and Jason doesn’t have any interest his travels. Mark gets caught up on Worlds and Trials of Grodov. Mark recounts having to play an all-removal deck with no win conditions on stream. That’s right! The Misplay is streaming! We also want you to join us on Discord.

Eternal World Championship ft. bgrasher

We welcome Ben Grasher from the Farming Eternal podcast filling in for Mark. We revisit the Eternal World Championship and explore alternative ways to qualify next year. Were the balance changes so close to the tournament a good idea? Jason doesn’t think so. Ben wants to know where is the love from Dire Wolf Digital for content creators? Finally, Ben and Jason settle the growing cross-podcast feud to determine who has the best show.

The One With Ryan

Jason finds a B-list celebrity once retweeted by Will Arnet to co-host while Mark is away. Of Family Double Dare fame, Ryan, brings absolutely no Eternal knowledge to the conversation. They regale their old MTGO days and play Name That Card before going down a social faux pas and NBA rabbit hole. Then a couple of firsts. Ryan plays his first every Eternal game and we finish with our first listener call-in.

How to Make Friends

How to win friends and influence people in Eternal? We have no idea, but Mark talks about the etiquette of friending people in-game. Jason thinks Evenhanded Golem is the best card printed in any card game ever. Ready to cringe? Jason easily takes a dozen swings at pronouncing “followers”. Learn how to reassess your game state or at least how Mark does it.


Is it even worth playing Eternal right now? Jason and Mark disagree. Will somebody cry? After the new balance changes, Jason packs up his cards and goes home. Mark climbs to Masters and gives a breakdown of the metagame decks he saw. The search for a new host begins after Jason kicks Mark off the show.

Online Integrity

The feud with Eternal Farming becomes more combative. Jason demands a trial by combat between himself and Ben G. Jason defines “co-playing” and how it affects online integrity. Learn how Mark misplayed Hostile Takeover in the Draft Masters Challenge. Yet, was it a misplay? Jason thinks the phrasing on the card is misleading.