Be the Best You ft. Alomba

Reddit moderator, Alomba, talks about his experience with Eternal and life as a mod. Alomba plays a controversial version of Name That Card and does his best Ken Jennings impersonation. Jason tries to convince Mark that combo decks are bad for the game. The the Endra balance patch get announced during the show. Dire Wolf has the last say. Twitter provides a spark of hope for having a certain somebody on an upcoming show.

ECQ Top 32

Jason did a thing! He made the Top 64 of an ECQ. With his Eternal goal for the season accomplished, he mulls retirement. Mark and Jason talk about the landscape of competitive play. Is it “too much”? Too many events? Too many QCPs to track? Too much gold to spend? Too much Shiftstone? Jason thinks so and Mark predictably disagrees. Karma finally catches up with Jason as he makes a misplay with Hostile Takeover. We talk about how Jason prepared for the first round of the ECQ bracket vs. Combrei Aggro. To close out the show, and the holiday season, Mark sings “The 12 Days of Eternal”.

Bay Area Meetup

Mark and Jason leave the studio and meet other Eternal players at the Bay Area Meetup. They wrangle chicityshogun for a special live version of Name That Card and discuss the most recent balance changes to Torch and Heart of the Vault. Did Dire Wolf get it right? Jason is adamant again that balance changes shouldn’t be made so close to an ECQ. Twitter may or may not agree. Mark talks about building a deck with a payoff in mind. They give a Steam gift card to a Patron and listen to the end to hear the stakes of their new bet.

Pay to Compete

Mark and Jason recap their ECQ: The Time of Ancestors runs. If you don’t want to listen, they didn’t make day two. Saved you thirty minutes! Marks plays Word Association, they debate whether or not paying to play competitive Eternal is worth it, and share their unfortunate run-ins with Johnholio. To decimate, or not to decimate, that is the question. Mark and Jason explore Decimate scenarios Hunter Pence will surely need to know in the future.

Who Has Priority? ft. TheBoxer

Team Rankstar member and math prodigy TheBoxer comes on to discuss removal, priority, and Simon & Garfunkel. TheBoxer plays Name That Card, Jason pronounces every word correctly, and Mark learns a lesson about Decimate. Is the priority system broken? It gets debated in Mark Can’t Possibly Disagree. Mark summarizes a series of articles TheBoxer wrote for Team Rankstar and they discuss the changes to QCP.

Organized Play is Back ft. Jedi

We discuss the triumphant return of organized play with Jedi from the Eternal Journey podcast. Jedi uses his mind tricks to spoil Name That Card, he shares a misplay, and his MeUndies promo code with us. Mark and Jedi explain ECQ points to Jason and how they feel about the new Expedition format. Jedi is so nice that his politeness gets beeped out of the show.

Survey Says ft. Sunyveil

Jason and Mark welcome Sunyveil to The Misplay this week to help go through the results of the community survey. Everyone has hot takes about the survey results, Eternal, and even the Bay Area. The results are live and available to everyone take a look for yourselves and dive into the data with us.

Results can be found here.

Haters Gonna Hate

Mark and Jason are packing a lot of hate in this week’s episode. They introduce and launch a big community survey initiative. They play a remix version of Name That Card, debate in game currency and Jason believes Dire Wolf needs to credit the community for spoiler contributions. Hate your opponents strategy? Good. They theory craft about how to build and play with hate cards.

Spoiler Alert

In true misplay fashion, Jason and Mark managed to luck their way into a spoiler for the upcoming set: The Flame of Xulta. They go over the spoiler card gifted to them by a dedicated and generous listener, talk Twitter milestones, the recent Expedition tournament, and discuss how to compare comparable cards in a meaningful and productive way.

Classic Misplay

Jason is still salty about the lack of organized play and can’t get excited about all the new Dire Wolf Digital news. New set? Who cares! Chronicles of Thrones arrived finally! Who cares! Spoiler season! Who cares! Get on the WoW Classic hype train. New segment this week called #Humblebrag. Mark refuses to pay Jason the bounty he rightly earned. Mark launches a netdecking case study on “All In Moment” decks.