New Player Experience ft. Jay

Mark and Jason interview new-ish Eternal player and close friend, Jay. They talk about the new player experience, the tournament scene, and why Jay owes them $10. Mark honorably defends the lore aspect of trading card games.

Playing with Hindsight

Mark and Jason share their unspectacular ECQ: Price of Freedom tournament reports. Neither one of them can pronounce “tournament”. The Misplay of the Week was so bad this week it literally made Jason nauseous.

Building a Collection

Mark is back with analytics to debunk Jason’s conspiracy theory about Power. Jason tries to sell the listeners on his pyramid scheme while Mark has a more practical method to building a collection.

Eternal Card Game

Getting power stuck in Eternal feels bad. Jason has a theory that something nefarious is happening behind the scenes. Mark isn’t sure that’s true and explains playing with a Growth Mindset.