Marky Market

It’s Mark turn to play Name That Card. Jason makes an argument that all cards should be accessible and free. Mark explains his approach to building Markets to further your deck’s game plan. Shout out this week to The Great Parliament and Mulligan.

Top 10 Show

Mark and Jason create a series of top ten lists to celebrate their milestone show. What are the top ten flavor cards? What are the top ten saltiest cards? The top ten reasons Hunter Pence should be on the show! Find out the answers and more, including why Jason slow played a Torch to his […]

Name That Card

Mark introduces a new game called “Name That Card”, in which we learn very quickly why Jason had low SAT scores. Mark and Jason discuss a way in which Dire Wolf Digital can improve their communication strategy. We end with Draft strategies certain to keep you at Silver and Gold.

10,000 Hours

Mark and Jason apply the principle of 10,000 hours to explain why they haven’t mastered Eternal yet. Are control decks the best deck archetype? Jason thinks so. Mark would be rude to disagree.

Drop Campaigns

Drop campaigns are a hot issue in the community. Jason is concerned they create inequity. Mark may or may not agree, but he pronounces “cleverly” with ease. They both wonder where is the influence love for podcasts?

Pretendo Draft

Jason claims Eternal is a terrible game to play with friends. Does Mark agree? To save the game, they imagine a new two-player heads up mode called “Pretendo Draft” and face off against each other.

New Player Experience ft. Jay

Mark and Jason interview new-ish Eternal player and close friend, Jay. They talk about the new player experience, the tournament scene, and why Jay owes them $10. Mark honorably defends the lore aspect of trading card games.

Playing with Hindsight

Mark and Jason share their unspectacular ECQ: Price of Freedom tournament reports. Neither one of them can pronounce “tournament”. The Misplay of the Week was so bad this week it literally made Jason nauseous.

Building a Collection

Mark is back with analytics to debunk Jason’s conspiracy theory about Power. Jason tries to sell the listeners on his pyramid scheme while Mark has a more practical method to building a collection.

Eternal Card Game

Getting power stuck in Eternal feels bad. Jason has a theory that something nefarious is happening behind the scenes. Mark isn’t sure that’s true and explains playing with a Growth Mindset.